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AUM derives from the Sanskrit syllable ‘AUM’ (which represents the universe). The word Universe is usually defined as encompassing everything or “everything rolled into one, everything combined into one". More customarily, the Universe is defined as everything that exists, has existed, and will exist. Similarly AUM Galaxy consists of universe that exists, has existed and will exist.


Event Management is a complicated production with constantly shifting variables. But AUM Galaxy Events is agile and dependable. We are flexible to fit your changing needs, but unbending when it comes to getting the job done right. We attend to every detail in the most cost-effective way.


AUM Galaxy Events works with clients of varying budgets, customizing each event experience to meet their specific needs. We never forget that the excitement of attending an extraordinary event leaves a lasting impression on everyone. With the help from our Event Executives at AUM Galaxy Events, your company can leverage a unique "event experience" to develop or reinforce positive relationships among business partners and co-workers.

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